Grocery Room Guidelines For Use

The grocery room service operates for the benefit of lodges and relies on the honesty and co-operation of those Clubs who use it.

A number of problems has prompted RMCA to remind Clubs of the guidelines (see below) and advise that failure to adhere to these guidelines by those clubs who repeatedly do not adhere to them mean that such clubs may lose the privilege of using the grocery room.

Grocery Room Guidelines:-

  1. The grocery room service is a 24 hour drop off and pick up service. This means that groceries must be collected within 24 hours of being delivered.
  2. Please provide the club food order to the person/s collecting the goods so they know what to collect.
  3. Please tick off the goods against the invoice from Bidfood which is left with the food, while still at the grocery room.
  4. Only take items with your club name on the box/crate.
  5. There are three sections to the grocery room. (a) shelves for dry goods/veges/bread (b) Ciller for chilled goods (c) Freezer for frozen goods.
  6. Ensure the grocery room door is CLOSED when leaving the room.
  7. Empty boxes to be flattened and taken to the re-cycling centre.
  8. Take your Bidfood invoice with you when you leave.

Any problems please contact your club’s food officer.

If everyone sticks to these guidelines all should go smoothly.