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Tongariro National Park Building Code 2013 
– Guidance for undertaking works in the Tongariro National Park.

PWC Report – Whakapapa Local Body Cost Review
RMCA Report on Traffic Issues July 14th 2018
RMCA Report on Stakeholders’ Meeting 20th July 2018
RMCA June 2018 Newsletter
RMCA May 2018 Report on Three Waters
RMCA Commentary on 2004 MOA
‘Newsletters – 2018 Newsletters’

Procedures for Vehicle Off-Road Access Permit – Iwikau Village

This document sets out the permit application process for use of a private vehicle to access the ski club lodges at Iwikau and also provides a link to the application form.

Food Act 2014

– ‘Clubs Gain Exemptions’
– RMCA Discussion Document

Grocery Room

‘Grocery Room Guidelines for Use’

Health and Safety

– RMCA Guideline Template