There are 52 Tramping and Skiing Clubs on Mt Ruapehu. They are set in the spectacular scenery of the Tongariro National Park which is also a World Heritage Park. The format of most of the Mountain Clubs is Communal living with members and visitors doing a range of duties associated with the running of the Lodges owned by the Clubs. The duties differ slightly from Club to Club, and also as to whether the Club has an employed live in Custodian and or cook.

Why should you join a club?

  1.  A great group of people to enjoy life on the mountain with – from very diversified backgrounds, interests and ages.
  2. Always someone to go out and enjoy the day with – show you a new interesting place on the mountain,  to make suggestions about a new trick, show you that secret jump or to comment on your style!
  3. Always someone to take a ski lesson with or to just enjoy a coffe in the Knoll cafe with!
  4. Enjoy those special weeks on the Mountain – Ladies Week – Ski Lessons, Meals, Events…
  5. To join with and become part of the many Ski Development programs on the Mountain.
  6. Great company in the evenings and wet days – lots of fun discussions, meals and games – Life long friends.
  7. Share fun social times in the cosy communal atmosphere of a Club Lodge.
  8. Accommodation costs vary between Clubs but generally the fees are reasonable, based on the type of accommodation offered and the number of meals. Many Clubs provide 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner), some provide all 3 meals. Some are self catering, i.e. bring and cook your own food while other Clubs have Custodians or cooks who will cook the meals, but members do preparation and other tasks.
  9.  Most Clubs have very reasonable, family friendly annual subscriptions.
  10. The Clubs are not expensive to join and welcome members with an interest in Mountain activities.
  11. Almost every Club is family friendly and welcome family groups as members and they are a great place for children to grow up and learn important physical and social skills.
  12. Clubs are not only for the Winter season. Summer usage for a range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is available and encouraged.
  13. Clubs acan be available for short term hire to accommodate school, any other educational groups, business groups or anyone wanting to do activities or training in the Mountain area.

Enquires to

There are at least 50 Mountain Clubs in Tongariro National Park in the Central North Island of New Zealand. Why not make contact today!