Grocery Room Guidelines for Use

Location – Iwikau Shelter Building – Top of the Bruce Road, Iwikau Village, Mt Ruapehu.

Delivery and Pick-up point for grocery items for the member clubs.

Any club who pays the annual subscription ($10/bunk) for the Grocery Room can use the Grocery room any time during the year as a drop off / pick up point for grocery  items.

The room is accessed by a “code” locked door – the code is changed every year – paid up clubs will be provided with the new code at the beginning of each season.

Note: RAL staff and management do not have the door code and cannot provide you with it.

For assistance contact John Vincent at Matamata Club – John is the Grocery room manager.

Shelves are provided for the storage of dry goods and freezers for the storage of frozen goods.

(Note: Freezers are turned off for the Summer season.)

Please arrange to pick up the goods the day they are delivered by your supplier or the following morning – storage space is limited especially during the school holiday periods.

Please check carefully that the items you have collected are for your club – they should all be labelled with your club name, don’t forget to check in the freezer.

If you do pick up the wrong items – i.e. not for your club – let John Vincent know immediately and return them to the grocery room and let the other club know when you have returned the goods.

Please remove all rubbish from the Grocery room and place in the appropriate bins in the recycling centre next door.

Please return your “Plastic Crates” with your club name on for collection by your supplier. Please ensure these are stacked neatly so other can access the room.

Useful Guide:

Your club may wish to use this Grocery room Guide pick-up sheet – just fill it out and give it to your members who are going down to pick up the Groceries along with the delivery documents from your supplier.

Grocery Room Pickup Guide sheet