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May 2004

To Member Clubs and Councillors

Newsletter 45

Election of Executive

As noted last newsletter, this year is the bi annual election of officers for the executive to take effect following the  AGM in October. We require a president and 6 councillors. The president must have served as councillor for no less than 2 years . Executive members must be financial members of a club which is a financial member of RMCA. Nominations are now called for. A nomination form is attached and must be returned by 15 July 2004.

As our current president, Bill Crystal having served for 2 terms must under our rules, now step down, but will remain on council as Immediate Past President. One other councillor has also given advice of standing down after a long period of service. The remaining councillors are eligible to stand again. It is probable that we will require at least 2 new councillors. If a ballot is required, it will be held in August September.

Sewage Scheme

As you will be aware, progress has been continuing throughout the Autumn. Latest advice is that 85% of the Iwikau part of the scheme will be up and running prior to commencement of the ski season.The Memorandum of Agreement  (MOA) was finalised and signed on behalf of RMCA by Bill Crystal in late April. A copy of the  MOA as was signed is attached for your reference.

There has been much discussion regarding the scheme over a long period of time,  but it is now reality. There are still a number of questions being raised by clubs with regard to the funding  by clubs and in particular the current charges.  An explanation regarding the  2004 charges for recovery of capital costs that I received copy of,  was at best confusing. If your club still has some questions you may refer direct to DoC but if you refer them to RMCA and I shall endeavour to seek answers and we can share the knowledge with you all.


Recent advice is that State is withdrawing from Ski Lodge insurance market on Mt Ruapehu.  leaving even fewer options available. If your club is or may be affected, advice is to speak to our vice president, Peter Garrett who is the expert in such matters.  More can be expected on Insurance over the coming months. Peter did forward me a copy of his recent newsletter, it covered a number of areas of insurance matters that I found of interest such as travel, 2004 premiums, liability insurance and other points. If interested contact

John Todd
Secretary Treasurer
May 10, 2006

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